12 tips To make Your Bathroom More Eco Friendly

1. Toilet paper & paper Towell – use chlorine – free recycled paper products with high post-consumer content ( 80% or greater). Business should consider investing in an automated hand – dryer.
2. The trash – buy biodegradable trash bags. If there is space, have two trash bins, one for recyclable paper products and another for feminine products and other wastes.
3. Toilet – if you do not already own a low flush toilet install a water displacement device ( try adding a half – gallon plastic bottle filled with sand to your toilet’s tank ), consider purchasing a dual flush toilet or waterless, composting toilet.
4. Sink-install a faucet attachment to either lower the gallon per minute Flow or to convert your faucet into an automatic faucet that is sensor Activated.
5. Shower-choose a water-efficient showerhead that has a low gallon perminute flow
6.  Cleaning products – use non toxic, biodegradable cleaning product such as Methode, Seventh Generation and Planet. For hand soap, check out just soap’s natural, biodegradable soaps that are blended by human-powered bicycles.
7.  Air ventilation-keep your indoor air quality at a healthy level by making sure Your bathroom fan is  fully functioning.
8. Lights bulb – natural lighting is always best but if that’s not on option, light Your bathroom with LED Lights. They last long, use less energy ( even less than coupart fluerecent light bulb ), and save your money.
9. Paint – use law or zero voc paint to reduce indoor  air pollution
10. Rugs – add to comfort of your bathroom and purchase a rug made from bamboo, a failt gronway viable alternative to wood.
11. Plants -  nice for aestheties, natural air filter and helps connect people back to Nature.
12. Reminder sign – post a sign to remind people who use your bathroom to conserve water and paper resources.

.Margie Melin

 Green Toilet

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