Improve the living standard of all residents through provision of clean, safe and decent municipal facilities, including public toilets. Providing convenience, sanitized facilities help to boost each municipality’s level and attract the higher rating as a living and visiting destination for all.

Recognizing the importance, Indonesian Toilet Association (ATI), with the full-fledged support of Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Transporation and Ministry of Environment and Forestry launched an initiative to highlight this issue through South East Asia Toilet (SEAT) Conference which will be held concurrently with EXPO CLEAN 2017 exhibition at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, from 23 to 25 March 2017.  

The conference will cover topics important to the development, maintenance and evolution of public toilets to a higher level and standard, accepted in the benchmark of sanitation and hygiene.

SEAT Conference will be a platform for the stakeholders : government / municipal representatives, public transportation managers, tourism site managers / operators to learn and exchange experience from the expert speakers and network with their peers in strengthening the collaboration to ultimately bring Indonesia and South East Asia to be a better and cleaner tourist haven. 

Being the only conference focusing on this subject, SEAT Conference will allow the participants to get first-hand information and learn from case studies presented by their peers.

Tentang ATI

Setelah terbentuknya World Toilet Organization, Indonesia diminta untuk membentuk sebuah organisasi yang secara resmi organisasi ini akan menjadi anggota dari World Toilet Organization.